The Advantage of Using a Commercial Collection Agency to Pursue Legal Action

12 11 2010

With hard economic times, some clients are not paying the money they owe for using another businesses services or products.  Trying to collect unpaid invoices from clients can cost time and money . Left uncollected, it could lead to the deterioration of the finances of the company due to lack of cash flow. It is a smart idea to turn to a Third Party Collection Agency to collect for you and possibly pursue legal action.

 Always choose a Third Party Agency that has relationships with Legal Forwarders. It’s through these well healed relationships that Third Party Agencies can pass along Contingency Legal fees saving you much expense in hourly legal fees. Of course there are always court costs that must be paid up front but a fraction of the cost of hourly legal fees that accumulate very quickly!

 If a client does not pay debts once a collection agency starts contacting them, the agency can pursue legal action on the client’s behalf.

At Butler, Robbins & White (BRW) our Legal Liaison Department  will review all matters that can not be remedied through normal collections and help determine the feasibility of legal action on your behalf.

All aspects of Legal Collections will be managed. This includes Judgments, Litigation, and Bankruptcy.  BRW can facilitate and coordinate legal action through our worldwide attorney network, so you can keep your mind on your business and not on collecting unpaid receivables.




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